Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction

By Cynthia du Pré Argent, Crosston

Note: this form runs purely in the browser, using JavaScript. At no time do your measurements go over the Net. :-)

Your measurements (all in inches)

Name (optional; for printout):
Neck: What are you using on the neckline? Bias tape Facing (takes more space)
Back of neck to wrist:
Upper arm circumference:
Hand circumference: (optional; needed only for a tapered sleeve)
Shoulder to level where you want the slit to end:
Shoulder to waist:
Waist to hem:
Shoulder to hem:
Hem foldover:

Resulting tunic measurements

Neck hole:
Short dimension of body piece:
Sleeve length:
Sleeve width:
Slit length:
Shoulder to waist:
Center skirt slits:
Long dimension of body piece:

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