Virtue, the Name

There aren't very many of us Virtues out there, but if you are one, please drop us a line!  Meanwhile, you can ponder these virtuous quotes.

Hamlet   Act 3, Scene 4

Assume a virtue, if you have it not.

Titus and Andronicus  Act 1, Scene 1

He lives in fame that died in virtue's cause.

Love's Labours Lost   Act 5, Scene 2

For virtue's office never breaks men's troth.

Measure for Measure

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall:

Act 2, Scene 2

To sin in loving virtue:

Act 3, Scene 2

The whitest virtue strikes. What king so strong

Act 5, Scene 1

As there is sense in truth and truth in virtue,

The Merchant of Venice   Act 3, Scene 2

Some mark of virtue on his outward parts:

Much Ado About Nothing  Act 2, Scene 1

can virtue hide itself?

Two Gentlemen of Verona  Act 3, Scene 1

A special virtue: for then she need not be washed

Act 4, Scene 1

To make a virtue of necessity

All's Well That Ends Well  Act 5, Scene 3

Since you lack virtue, I will lose a husband;

The Merry Wives of Windsor  Act 4, Scene 3

put in the book of virtue!

Henry IV, part 1  Act 2, Scene 4

Give me a cup of sack, rogue. Is there no virtue extant?

Henry IV, part 2   Act 2, Scene 4

catch of you; grant that, my poor virtue grant that.

Act 4, Scene 1

In very ample virtue of his father,

Henry VI, part 1  Act 3, Scene 1

virtue is choked with foul ambition

Henry VI, part 3  Act 1, Scene 4

'Tis virtue that doth make them most admired;

Act 3, Scene 2

That love which virtue begs and virtue grants.

Act 3, Scene 3

Whereof the root was fix'd in virtue's ground,

Henry VIII   Act 3, Scene 1

Since virtue finds no friends--a wife, a true one?

Act 5, Scene 3

And, by that virtue, no man dare accuse you.

Act 5, Scene 5

More covetous of wisdom and fair virtue

King John   Act 2, Scene 1

If zealous love should go in search of virtue,

Act 2, Scene 1

And being rich, my virtue then shall be

Richard II  Act 1, Scene 3

There is no virtue like necessity.

Sonnet LXXXI

You still shall live--such virtue hath my pen--