Circlet, 14th Century
from the Museum of London's Dress Accessories

A&S Entry, by Cynthia Virtue aka Cynthia du Pré Argent

close up of circlet

The original, dug up in London, was of thin metal, wrapped with silk, and overknotted by wire wrapped with contrasting-colored silk.

This version is made by wrapping very thin embroidery ribbon around the base to cover it completely, then overknotting the band with wire (in this case commercial florist wire in contrasting colors). The knots are square knots, as in the archeological example. The florist wire is thinner, or more flexible, than the preserved item, so the knots smaller relative to the band.

The ends of the band were finished off with fabric, and a loop system so that I could adjust the size of the band as needed.

I used what I had to hand for the basic circlet: a scrap of hoop wire. A softer, less springy metal would be the best choice, or perhaps firm leather. When I make its successor, I'll stop using this one; the spring of the metal means that it stands out from the back of my head in a point.

Aside from that consideration, I'm very satisfied with it. It is large enough to easily go over columnar braids on the side of the face, as in the illustration from the book.  It looks good worn over a thin silk veil, as they think it may have been worn.
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