Re-creation, Re-enactment, and Living History Groups:

A list which is very out of date!

 Dear Readers,

 The former listing of medieval or recreationist or re-enactment or fantasy groups has been taken down, because it is getting so old that it has become more a source of mistaken information than a useful one!    It's been more than 4 years since I put it together, and a lot of such groups have increased their WWW presence, as well.

 If you're looking for such groups, try websearches (Google, Dogpile, etc.) on the terms you are interested in.  Search for clothing terms, armor terms, terms for eras, big battles, and so on.  Be sure to search on alternate spellings, or other languages, if you know them. 

 One example is the word "medieval" itself.  Although it's the default spelling in the USA, a British group might well spell it "mediaeval" or more properly with the A and E smashed together in a ligature: "mediæval."

 Good luck!
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