The SCA-Clippings lending-library project

A library of third-party (ie, non SCA) clippings about the SCA available for photocopying, most especially in cases where neighbors are getting hyperactive and believing things that aren't true.  I might start a section for SCA-generated stuff as well, if folks tell me about it.

If you have an article to contribute, please drop me a note!  The actual database credits all sources; this is just a quick listing for information purposes.  This version as of April, 2000.  (I do have the CBS Sunday Morning episode; just haven't put it in yet....)

Note that 1/1/year is a fudge date meaning "I've been told that this happened in that year, but no solid date is available yet."

Article date - Title - Pub Name - Type Pub type - Accuracy - Friendliness

Stuff I've heard of but do not have

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