Extensive commentary on Question 1

What do you want from a feast?

Introductory bits:

Now we get to the meat and potatoes of the Feast Survey.... or should I say meat and turnips? The actual comments offered by those that completed the Survey. And I want to take just moment to thank everyone who participated. Your comments and input was most appreciated. Your desires and feelings in this area have given me much “food for thought.”  One person wrote: “No one has ever asked me, or anyone that I know, what we would like at feasts. If we offer our opinions they seem to be quickly dismissed. It is as if our thoughts and desires are not necessary. Perhaps we should not feel this way, but we do.” If nothing else this Survey has been a forum for people to express things that they have always wanted to say, but no one ever asked them. This Feast Survey is nothing more than a collection of data. But I have learned much in conducting this Survey and I hope that you might also.

I wish that I could have the computer memory and space to list all the surveys, but I just don't. So, because of this limitation, I can only post a few of the many comments made. I have picked some that have caused me to pause and think. They may not represent my personal viewpoints. Heck, they may not even represent the viewpoints of the majority of the responders of the survey. But I selected them because I felt others could learn from them. To get a better understanding of what the "majority" thought, read over the "Consolidated Feast Survey Results" page.

Extensive Commentary:

Question 1 - What do you want from a feast?


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