The Meridies Numerical Results

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Number of people subscribed to the Meridian List at the time of the first survey: 307

Number of people who took the survey: 50 (approximately)
NOTE: Not everyone who took the survey answered every question. This breaks down to approximately 16%. The survey ran for one week only (April 2000) .

The Meridian Feast Survey Questions, with the results, are listed below:

Why do you attend feast?

  • For the food, 18 votes, 45.00%
  • For the ambiance, 11 votes, 27.50%
  • For the company of my table-mates, 10 votes, 25.00%
  • To meet new people, 0 votes, 0.00%
  • For the convenience of not cooking and cleaning, 1 votes, 2.50%

  • How important is the feast in relationship to the whole event?

    Do you usually eat feast?

    How long should you have to wait between removes?

    I like the following types of entertainment during feast.

    Do you like to sign up for feast seating at sign-in?

    Do you like the "Lamanze" style feast set-up? (First-come, first-served seating, roughly 1/2
    hour before feast.)

    What do you think of peers being allow to set up before the rest of the populace?

    What kind of beverages do you like to be served at feast?

    What's your most preferred serving method?

    I prefer dishes with the following level of "periodicity."

    Bearing in mind that there can be multiple dishes in each course at the feast, how many
    total dishes would you like to see at a feast?

    Does it bother you when the next table over gets different food than you do?

    Which clean-up method do you prefer?

    Do you like advance feast set up, more than an hour ahead of time, and then closing the hall?

    When do you prefer to eat feast?

    Does it bother you when the High Table gets different or better food than you do?

    Bearing in mind that there are multiple dishes in each course (remove), how many removes do you prefer to see at a feast?

    How long should a feast last?

    End of Feast Survey on the Meridian List.

    Although numbers have their place in the scheme of things, it was the detailed comments that I found truly revealing. If I had one suggestion to make I would recommend that you read over the many comments that people freely shared with me. Comments that enlightened me to other ways of doing things. Of other viewpoints and perspectives. Of ideas and concepts I had not yet considered.... even after 25 years (plus) of “playing the game.”   For this is the REAL reason for the Feast Survey - it is a starting place for the interchange of ideas.
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