Original Feast Survey Questionnaire 

This is a copy of the original Feast Survey started on 1 April 2000. The Survey was adjusted to ask for Kingdom and length of time in the SCA when it "left" the Kingdom of Meridies. I am no longer collecting data for this survey.

This survey may be copied or modified for use by other SCA individuals and groups.

Unto the List,

I currently belong to another List comprised of SCA members whose interests lie within the realm of event cooking. It is in this area I have some questions of the populace at large concerning feasts. I am looking for the thoughts of "eaters" of feasts rather than from the viewpoint of "preparers" of feasts. Please respond directly to me at (email address deleted-survey ended) Please, discuss the questions in a public forum if you would like, but I will not be able to access them off this List. I will be collecting the data until the 8th of May when this email address will cease to exist (due my relocating). Individual comments will be retained, but the authorís name will be deleted. The questions below are just a suggestion, please add anything more that you want. Thank you.

The Honorable Lady Rayne Moyra OíCiaragain - Meridies

1 - What do you want from a feast?

2 - How important is the feast in relationship to the whole event?

3 - Do you usually eat feast?

4 - WHY do you eat feast? (example: for the food, the ambiance, the company of your tablemates, etc.)

5 - How long should a feast last? (is 1 hour too short, 3 hours too long??)

6- What time would like to see feast served? (example: before 10:00pm, around 7:00, between 5:30 and 5:37, etc)

7 - How many total number of individual dishes to you want at a feast?

8 - How many courses (removes) should a feast have?

9 - How long do you want to wait between courses? or do you want to wait at all?

10 - Should ALL the dishes be from redacted/documented historical sources?

11 - Can the dishes be made from "period" food, but not from redacted/documented historical sources?

12 - Can the dishes contain non-period foods? Which non-period foods are OK (if any)? Example: white potatoes, corn, vanilla, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, etc.)

13 - Do you like entertainment during feast? If so, what kinds do you like or dislike?

14 - Do you have a feast setup you like or dislike (examples: Peers set up first, populace sets their dishes out and then leaves the hall for a period of time, table sign up sheets, etc.)

15 - What beverages do you like served at feast? Do you prefer "period" drinks only?

16 - What are your views on serving procedures? (example: Assigned servers for each table, one person from each table getting the food, various volunteers serving everyone, etc.)

17 - Does it bother you if someone gets a dish that you did not? (example: High Table gets "special dishes", the table next to you gets beef while your table gets chicken?

18 - What dishes clean-up setup do you prefer? (example: tubs set out for your use, kitchen sink made available, etc.)

19 - What thing (or things) really make a feast GREAT for you?

20 - What thing (or things) would you change at feasts?

21 - Please add any question or comment that you always wanted to make.

22 - Current Kingdom -

23 - Length of time in the SCA -

Thank you,
Lady Rayne
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