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Michaela de bruce wrote:

Well, if anyone is interested in this woman and her garments, I had a  bit of a revelation last night and tried searches in dutch and german  on google. I found a few portraits of the woman, and a book (in german or dutch), and she seemed very mulitcultural in her dress: (I had to put some addresses on two lines, but if you copy and pate  them directly they will work).

~German, lots of big pearls, high straight neckline; print.

~Dutch: white dipped hood/cap with long trails, high necked black  gown with tiny ruff, over gown lined in ermine (?)

http://www.asn-ibk.ac.at/bildung/faecher/geschichte/maike/ bilderkatalog/habsburger/abb10aaaa.htm
~Bronze bust of the same outfit.

~Colour version, smaller, just the bust.

~Very similar, but the overgown is lined in maroon-brown, and she appears much younger, veil/hood thing doesn't dip at the front either, in fact the head gear looks more german here.

~Another portrait of this type of outfit.

~Very german looking, slashed bust of bodice, high necked finely pleated chemise, big mushroomy hat with.. the reverse of a collar.. not sure what to call it, but it's kind of like a hunters hat, how the ear flap turns down.. just take a look if you can;)

Small pic of maria on the cover of a bio, red germanic gown, large full sleeves, black partlet.

~Seems to be the same portrait as above, but perhaps before cleaning or a copy, or even the origial;).

And of course the pictures of her wedding dress at Cynthia's site!

I'm going to do a search in french and hungarian next.

She certainly didn't settle on one style of dress did she? All portaits are within a decade or so.


 ..and she continued after a query:

> This is just a doublecheck, not a challenge to your great idea of
> searching in other languages -- do they all identify her as the Mary
> that married Louis of Hungary around 1520?  All these high folk used
> such similar names.

I know there was a definate Mary of Hungary in the 14th C, and this isn't her;). I can read a bit of Dutch.  Should do; I am half, and  the same Mary that was Queen of Hungary became Regent of the Netherlands. I also searched for the dates she was born or died.

Believe me, I had just so much fun doing searches that were specific then opening up the criteria for the searches and being careful to make sure it was the same person.  Found any number of Marias and Margarets than one could imagine, these are the few images that there were (I do want that book though,  I'm going to see if anyone has it and what is inside it) Funnily enough, I tried a hungarian search for the dates and the word  Maria and there was not a thing. So I tried just her birth date and the word Maria and two sites with little relevance. I'm rethinking my attack in that regards;)

And the garments she does wear most certainly stick very closely to the dutch and germanic (including the outlying regions under germany's dominion) styles at the various times she was in each place.

I have a few 'fact sheets' on her life in regards to her reign as Regent of the Netherlands, they are in dutch, but should't be too hard to translate:

Actually german this one:

Something about a masquerade in the 19th C about the maria we are discussing.. still can't quite work it out (scroll down to "maskerade") [see below for translation]

This link I gave before does mention her marrying Ludwig II (well, it's german, translates as Louis)

A page from a Belgian site:

And rereading all the referenses I did give, yep they are all the same woman.. they mention she married Louis (ludwig/Lodewijk II 1506-1526.

The only thing is this portrait says Queen Maria, 1520.. yet she has been identified in those books on Maria as being her. Perhaps the date on the painting was done at a later date, much like all those unfortunate dates on Holbein sketches/paintings etc.

Yeah, I know from the first few searches I did that there were a number of Marias in the Hapsburg empire that ruled Hungary.. so yeah I focused on she who was regent of the Netherlands and married a bloke called Ludwig/Louis etc II, she seems to have been quite liked by the dutch.. it was Maximillian II(?) that they turned against.  And thus she is recorded quite well in their history.  Hope this helps settle any doubts.


Marisca added:

Since I am 100% dutch, I will translate the Maskerade bit for you:

"De intogt van Maria van Hongarije te Groningen, 20 junij 1545"
De door het studentencorps georganiseerde maskerade vormde tussen
1814 en 1914 het hoogtepunt van de lustrumviering. Bij het tweede
eeuwfeest van de universiteit in 1814 begonnen als spontane
verkleedpartij, groeide het al snel uit tot een groots opgezette
historisch-allegorische optocht waarin de studenten hun rol met verve
speelden en die bezoekers van heinde en ver naar de stad trok.

"The arrival of Mary of Hungary in groningen, 20 june 1545"
The masquerade organised by the student society used to be the
pinacle of the societies anniversary in the period 1814-1914. At the
second centennial of the university, in 1814, the masquerades started
off as a spontaneous dress-up party, but it quickly grew out to be an
enormous historic-allegorical parade in which the students played
their parts as well as they possibly could The parade attracted
visitors from all over the country.

I suppose the students used to reenact the arrival of Mary. Sounds like a lot of fun.


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