Medievaloid Bathroom

I did the bathroom below in 2002, and after we moved to another house, I painted the dining room in a similar style, since I liked it so much.  It's great to have a room with some character.

The idea was to imitate half-timbering, but instead of making it far too "busy" for the modern sensibility by having lots of paint above counter level, I just did it on the wainscoting, and used banners and such to decorate above that level.   The examples I've seen from period, or even from Victorian reproductions, are not constrained by any such concern.

The red motifs are a commercial stamp with a medieval tile pattern, and a fleur-de-lys (check at Michael's or JoAnn's or any craft store for these stamps).  The "timbering" is a deep blue.
Dining Room:
Blue half-timbering effect; red diamonds at intersections (on blue), deep yellow fleur-de-lys at corners of intersections (on white), tile pattern in red in middle of "wainscoting" segments.
Curtains are held up by glass grape & grapvine wreaths.  Chandelier will be replaced.
Screws in wall anchors are along the top of the wall, painted to blend in with the blue half-timbering, so we don't have to keep whacking nails in the plaster when we want to put up pictures.
Click this picture for larger one.

Thumbnail of dining room
View from the door.  Elements to be seen here include my SCA banner, and a "wrought iron" look hook on the door.
The sink side, from the door; note the "wrought iron" towel hook (from a home store) the tapestry reproduction, and horn, which a friend brought me from Russia.  I'm pretty sure it's a tourist item; doesn't seem very useable.  (Not lined in beeswax, for one....)

Inside, looking up at the sink and showing the other side of the room.  
What you can see on the counter is a spray of silk flowers, a chalice-shaped soap dish,  and a cluster of three silver candlesticks.  The blue glass bottles are there for color.  
Reflected in the mirror are our two banners, and in the center , the chain mail wall sculpture that we were given as a wedding present.

Steps taken to redecorate the bathroom:

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