A listing of web links relating to Medieval & Renaissance food


Recipies, books, household accounts
General material about issues surrounding meals in our period
Food guilds, email lists
Suppliers of specialty items, medieval spices

Recipies, cookbooks, household accounts

SCA Arts & Sciences homepage, with sections on Food -- this page is so complete, that you hardly need the rest of this page!  It has extensive info on primary sources and research, articles and publications, individual recipies, and other stuff.

Stefan's Florilegium Archive section on Food -- click on selections on the left
The Miscellany, many topics including period food
Traveling Dysshes, a cookbook for feasts, potlucks, and camping events (currently out of print; expected back in print mid 2001)

General material about issues surrounding meals in our period

 LookSmart - Historical Recipes -- bunch of interesting links

Food guilds, email lists

Ansteorran hosted site with a list of SCA related lists & how to subscribe


Francesco Sirene, Spicer


SCA Hunt: a searchable web directory -- click "go hunting" to search

If you find other links that could go here (and aren't already on the SCA A&S webpage, above,) please suggest them!
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