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If you have clicked on this page you are curious as to who I am and what my motivation was in posting the Feast Survey to the various SCA Lists on the Internet. (If this information is of no importance to you, click the “back” button on your browser or the “home” button below to return to the main page).

Now, first things first. Who am I? Within the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am The Honorable Lady Rayne Moyra O’Ciaragain. I attended my first SCA function - a fighter practice - outside of Phoenix, Arizona (The Kingdom of Atenveldt) in 1973. I was in the military (and the War was on) so I traveled a great deal in the next few years, including spending four years in Europe as a civilian. When I returned to the States, I settled in the Kingdom of Meridies. My husband, Sir Caedmon macAhern, is a Master Electrician and his job allows us to travel throughout the USA. In just the last few years we have worked in six different Kingdoms. Immediately upon arriving in a new area, we contact the local group and beginning “playing”. We have met many wonderful and kind members of the Society during our travels and have attended many, many events.

For those who are wondering about my SCA stats: My “alphabet soup” is: Award of Arms, Grant of Arms, Companion of the Sable Keep (Shire level award), Companion of the Red Raven (Baronial level award), Companion of the Guiding Hand of Meridies (Kingdom level), Companion of the Pilgrim’s Order-Compostella, Meridies (Kingdom level), Order of the Meridian Cross (Kingdom level), Order of the Argent Comet of Meridies (Kingdom level), and Companion of the Bough of Meridies (Kingdom level). During my years in the Society I have autocratted, prepared feasts and breakfasts, held a variety of offices including both Shire and Baronial level Chirurgeon, Deputy Seneschal for five different Seneschals, and I am currently the Dean of the Meridian College of Middle and Far Eastern Studies. I have participated in group and kingdom level Arts and Sciences and have taught a variety of classes throughout the SCA (including Estrella, Pennsic, Gulf Wars, and many others).

I am protege to Mistress Christianna MacGrain (Barony of the South Downs, Meridies) and I belong to Tribe Zareefat, House NOVA and Fine Caraid. Knowing this, know also that I speak only for myself. The views expressed within these pages are my own and may not reflect those of my Peer, Kingdom or Households.

The information about "Why the Feast Survey" is now on a separate page.

The data within this Survey is offered publicly because people asked for it. And as with any good meal... check everything out, take what you like and leave the rest.  There have been several cooks who were so distressed with the results of the survey, that they have forgotten that I am only the messenger, not the originator of the responses.  Please don't shoot the messenger; instead, consider contributing to the Suggestions page for how to improve SCA feasts and the popularity of period foods.

In Service to the Society - always,

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