Virtue's Sea Cottages: Photo Gallery

The cottages, seen across the water

The cottages, seen across the water, from the adjacent shore of the bay.

The middle cottage

"Sea Swept", aka the blue-shuttered cottage, looking inland.

The other two are "Sea View", the yellow-shuttered cottage (seen to the left in this picture), and "Sea Foam", the cottage with the red shutters, which is to the right and not in this photo.

Living room, Sea View

Living room view of "Sea View", the yellow cottage.

Living room, Sea Swept

Living room view of "Sea Swept", the blue cottage.

Couch/daybed in Sea Foam

The daybed in the main living room of Sea Foam, the red cottage. Doors on the right and left lead to the bedrooms.

Wood stove and door to kitchen, Sea Foam

Street-side door, wood stove, and door to kitchen of Sea Foam, the red cottage.

Kitchen of Sea Swept

This is the kitchen of Sea Swept, the blue cottage.

Sea Foam kitchen window

This is the kitchen window that looks out on the ocean, for Sea Foam, the red cottage.

Sea Foam master bedroom

The master bedroom of Sea Foam. The window on the left looks out over the ocean.

Sea Foam bunk bedroom

The bunk room of Sea Foam, the red building. This room is on the street side of the cottage.


The moon shining down on Frenchman Bay, and the lobster boat moored there.