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Rayne's SCA Feast Survey

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Do note that although this survey was done amongst SCA participants, I hope that other similar groups will find it useful, and likewise use it to find the preferences of their own populations.

If you don't want to read everything, read just the "Overview of the entire survey's results."


Why the Feast Survey
The original survey (Responses are no longer being taken, but we do have a more focused, computer based survey available; see below.)
Statistical methods
The numbers from Meridies
Overview of the entire survey's results -- select comments made by respondants
Question 1 -- What do you want from a feast? (With intro)
Question 2 -- How important is the feast in relationship to the whole event?
Question 3 -- Do you usually eat feast?
Question 4 -- Why do you eat feast?
Question 5 -- How long should a feast last?
Question 6 -- What time would like to see feast served?
Question 7 -- How many total number of individual dishes to you want at a feast?
Question 8 -- How many courses (removes) should a feast have?
Question 9 -- How long do you want to wait between courses?  or do you want to wait at all?
(Commentary on other questions will follow.)
Desserts & Misc:

What now?  Ideas & suggestions from cooks for changes that the Feast Survey indicates may be needed, such as making period food more popular, reducing crowding, etc.  (We need YOU!)  The webmistress hopes to have an electronic survey up, soonish, for us to gather additional, ongoing data on these topics.
A New Survey!  Tell us what you think about food at feasts!
Disclaimer and Art info
Medieval and Renaissance food web links
About Lady Rayne, the Author
Contact Lady Rayne
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